Kids Dash 2017: Why do mom and dad get all the fun?

10:59 Tháng Mười Một 13, 2017

HCMC Marathon – Kids Dash is a fantastic event for kids, their cheering parents and the spectators. This Fun Run is designed especially for your child to encourage them to be active and healthy through participating in the 1KM (Kids Dash) & 2KM (Kids Dash Ultra) race route.


According to Dr Adam Carey, fitness expert and GO Run For Fun Foundation (GRFF) spokesman, running has significant benefits for children.

“Running gets children outdoors, builds strong bodies, increases energy and is instrumental in maintaining a healthy body weight. As with any exercise, running can boost a child’s self-esteem and confidence, children get smarter as new brain cells created and improve memory and enhance mood.” says Dr Carey.

Well-organised running events help to encourage children to prepare themselves, to give it their best on the day and to make it a memorable achievement.

There are TWO age groups: Kids Dash (Distance: 1km) for children from 6 – 9 years old and Kids Dash ULTRA (Distance: 2km) for children from 10 – 13 years old

If your child is new to running, you should guide them slowly get involved in running by one or two short sessions a week and build up slowly.

This year there will be new race route which matches children’s capability and brings out lively competition.

Any child can win the champion and receive medal + sporty T-shirt

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